"Good quality is never achieved by accident."

-Katsuyoshi Ishihara


The Adnan Al Mosawy Company has been committed to providing uncompromising quality in infrastructure, engineering and general construction projects since 1973. This experience provides the company with an unparalleled advantage over its competitors and ensures that the finest finished product is delivered to clients.


Its successful quality and completion of a variety of major government infrastructure projects have earned the Adnan Al-Mosawy Company first class classification, certified by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning Contractor's Committee. These massive accomplishments have allowed us to be instrumental in urban development- building and rebuilding Iraq.


Diverse projects undertaken by our company include:

·         Construction of water treatment plant with all of its components

·         Building a vast holding tank, a chemical building and a pumping station for a water distribution plant

·         Rehabilitation of 10 sewage pumping stations, providing all construction, mechanical and electrical services

·         Rehabilitation of 55 schools within a framework of 30 days

·         Construction of numerous multi-story buildings used for institutional purposes

·         Design and construction of swimming pools

·         Construction of multiple private luxury villas, as well as a complete residential village, including 60 single-family homes and outdoor facilities

·         Building of a tourist village, including residential homes and public entertainment facilities


Among our satisfied clients are the Baghdad Mayoralty, the Iraqi Electricity Commission, the Ministers Council, the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the Ministry of Higher Education, international Embassies, as well as other local government and private entities.


In addition to major construction projects, we also provide all general redesign and carpentry services, including wood and steel building construction, interior wood design and foundation/concrete work. Skilled laborers and technicians assure that work is completed with a refined finish.

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