Products & Services

Products & Services

"You can't build a house without hammer and nails."

-Katsuya Hosotani


AMC Warehouse

Conveniently located in the Baghdad International Industrial Area, the AMC Warehouse has been equipping retail and wholesale clients with construction products and services since 2009, offering a wide variety of products and services. From simple to complex needs, the Warehouse supplies screwdrivers, power tools, lumber and general contracting equipment and materials. Additionally, the Warehouse provides internationally-trusted brands for parts, materials and maintenance agreements of the following services:  solar energy, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, and generator. Many international companies located on the Victory Base such as DHL, KBR, AT&T, Louis-Berger, Cummins and others are serviced by our well-stocked Warehouse.   

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Supplier of Raw Materials

An additional service that the Adnan Al-Mosawy Company offers is supplying raw materials to local construction companies, assuring that only the highest quality products are offered. Fuel storage and distribution, as well as supplying gravel, limestone and sand, are among services provided.


The company owns a 20,000 m2 gravel product storage lot within Greater Baghdad and a 100,000m2 quarry in Karbala.


Materials are transported with our company-owned heavy equipment. Service to clients include delivery, spreading, leveling and grading all materials in accordance with current engineering standards.


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